So much to do, and not enough time!

A beautiful and sunny day in Stockholm. It’s fall and time to get serious and focus on projects. I have lots of things in school this week, everything marketing related, but finishing it off on friday next week! After that we will have 4 weeks of pure SEO, what a joy! Looking forward to it. Now i need to get back to business. Brb.


Today in school: Meatball Sundae!

Today during Marketing class, our teacher was speaking about the content of Seth Godins book “Meatball Sundae”. It speaks about old marketing and new marketing and focuses on the 14 trends that are shaping the way products and ideas are communicated and sold:

  • Direct communication and commerce between producers and consumers
  • Amplification of the voice of the consumer and independent authorities
  • The need for an authentic story as the number of sources increases
  • Extremely short attention spans due to clutter
  • The Long Tail
  • Outsourcing
  • Google and the dicing of everything
  • Infinite channels of communication
  • Direct communication and commerce between consumers and consumers
  • The shifts in scarcity and abundance
  • The triumph of big ideas
  • The shift from “how many” to “who”
  • The wealthy are like us
  • New gatekeepers, no gatekeepers

    I posted it on my to-read-list! 

Hello there mr. Macbook Air…

I might be one of the few who still carries aMacbook Pro from 2006 around. But hey, a good quality laptop will live forever, and mine sure has been my partner in crime for some time now! However im getting a lot of pain in my shoulder carrying it to school and work everytime, so im guessing the only solution would be called – Macbook Air. Or? Whoever i am telling that i am thinking of buying a Macbook Air, they all say the same thing; – Don’t buy it, it’s not a good computer!

Well okay, it might not be the ideal laptop if you are a designer who needs a superstrong processor, but hey, im just a student of internet marketing. The only things i use are internet, the office package and a little bit of photoshop. No rocket science here what i can see! Lol. So i think a Macbook Air would do, let us find out if i will be eating my words writing this. To be continued…

First entry!

I would like to welcome you to my blog about internet marketing, or online marketing… Whatever you’d call it! Aija is my name and im currently studying Online Marketing at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. We will be the first class to graduate, since it is a brand new subject at the school (honestly, there are barely any educations of this type in Sweden, crazy!) so everything is very exciting. This blog will be mainly about internet marketing, my studies and maybe other random things. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on my email! aijadarling(a)

Let’s Go!ogle!


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